Kiln Formed Glass

Fusing glass in flat bed kilns allows us to incorporate various inclusions, metals, and coloured glass materials such as enamels, lustres, and frits to create opaque and transparent coloured glass as well as a variety of imaginative textures that can be combined to produce original pieces.

Kiln Formed Panel 

Large scale fused panels can make stunning statements as stand alone art glass pieces, or as multiples, ideal for residential or open plan areas. Because fused glass is able to withstand the elements it can be used in external environments such as gardens, balconies and water features to provide that ‘wow’ factor.  The design potential is almost limitless and our team will either work with client designs or produce original art work based on a particular specification. 

Kiln Formed Panel Detail

Glasszoo art glass can be incorporated into wet areas such as bathrooms, spas and swimming pools or as architectural elements.  Wherever necessary the glass can be laminated or toughened for safety.  The combination of colour and form in our glass can transform an area into a special contemporary living space.  

A designer range of bowls and centre pieces can also be produced for the finishing touch. All pieces large or small can be produced to match or complement colour swatches, sample boards or existing interior schemes.

Kiln Formed Bowl